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With this book, anyone can teach a child to read!

Our high-quality workbook is the only book on the market that provides you with everything you need to teach a child how to read:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to teach:

    • Short vowel sounds

    • The difference between "b" and "d"

    • The 12 most frequently used sight words

  • Online activities

  • Fun and engaging worksheets

  • Short vowel Bingo

  • Phonics board games

  • Vocabulary

  • Recommendations of books for your child's reading level

Take a look at our sample pages. You’ll see right away how, and why, our research-based workbook makes teaching a child to read fun and stress free, for you and the child. You’ll also understand why people are raving about our book...

“How wonderful that the skills Irene so clearly and beautifully taught my children are now available in these books for parents to use at home”
Kate Winslet, actress
“This book is amazing. It’s astonishing how much my 4-year-old wants to do this book and how quickly he is learning to read. He was really excited when we started. Now, he is so proud of all the words he can read and is constantly asking me to do the book with him. I never knew teaching a child to read would be so easy” 
- Sing Lee
“My 5-year-old twins love this book. I was fortunate to receive two of these books as gifts. I gave my kids each a copy when I was cooking dinner and they were excited to do the work/exercises and it kept them both engaged and happy. They continue to be hooked, and so am I. Other workbooks are very convoluted and not easy for the kids, or me, to understand. Often, my kids can’t tell what a picture is saying, or they don’t get what they are being asked to do. This book is the total opposite. The instructions and pictures are very clear. My kids-and I-get what’s being asked of us and they are able to work their way through the book without any frustration or confusion. We needed this book!”
- Andrea G.